The Best Schools in Dubai: Registered IB Schools

August 31, 2021

With so many established schools in Dubai, it is really helpful to create a checklist of certain requirements you have as a parent when on the search for the most suitable school for your child. The best schools in Dubai should offer an outstanding curriculum and a host of facilities for extracurricular activities, employ excellent international teaching staff, and ensure that parent-teacher engagement is seen as a priority. The Ambassador International Academy boasts all of this and more. Keep reading below to find out more about our excellent institution to fully understand why we are the ideal school for your child.


What kind of curriculum is offered at the Ambassador International Academy?

As an IB world school, our widely recognised institution utilises the International Baccalaureate (IB) framework, with the English and mathematical content we teach derived from the National Curriculum of England. The IB framework assists teachers in determining the learning outcomes when curating lessons and planning the desired curriculum, with grade-level teachers meeting on a weekly basis to reflect on their lesson plans. It is through reflection on lessons taught that teachers can determine what works really well with students, which techniques or approaches assist in teaching challenging activities, and whatever else they can improve or keep in place. This strategy is how we ensure our students continue to benefit from wholesome educational experiences, with our teachers also being able to grow and define their teaching experiences with every lesson.

The IB framework comprises four advanced educational programmes that motivate students to inquire and engage in their learning journey. Through asking questions and challenging ideas, our students are moulded into international citizens who are ready for the world that awaits them post-school.


What is the vision of the Ambassador International Academy?

The Ambassador International Academy is based on the cornerstone of developing students’ unique strengths, skill sets and capabilities while preparing them on their journey to becoming global citizens of the 21st century. It is our vision to ensure that students become responsible citizens as the leaders of tomorrow. We wish for each and every student of ours to embrace lifelong learning, continuing to expand their knowledge even after their school careers conclude. It is through innovation and passion that we encourage insightful inquiry in every aspect of our students’ individual lives, adding meaningful contributions to society and the world at large. This is our commitment as one of the best schools in Dubai.


How does the school nurture its relationship with parents?

We utilise a software application known as Orison, with parent-teacher meetings conducted via Microsoft Teams for effective communication with the parents of our students. Downloadable on Android and Apple devices, this application ensures that parents can view the school calendar for relevant information. This way, parents are kept up to date on school events and notices, provided with resources, and more. Our dedicated teachers also send weekly emails to parents regarding the school week ahead, including the learning objectives of fundamental subject areas.

Should parents have a concern they would like to raise, the relevant form tutor is available to discuss the matter. Following a structure of communication protocols, the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and Middle Years Programme (MYP) Coordinators are the next point of contact, followed by the principal. We encourage all parents to stick to this structure so that the right communication channels are followed. We also host a parent-teacher meeting at the end of every month where teachers provide one-on-one feedback regarding student progress for the month, along with progressive steps for student improvement. At grade level, the relevant teachers also meet with the leadership team for coffee mornings twice a term.

As one of the most reputable schools in Dubai, the Ambassador International Academy feels strongly about the importance of a good parent-teacher relationship and a strong relationship between parents and teaching staff in general. This is why we go above and beyond to ensure that the relationship remains positive, involving parents in every aspect of their child’s school life.


How does the Ambassador International Academy ensure child safeguarding?

Our school adopts a stringent safeguarding culture to preserve the prosperity of our school community. This is evident in the positive relationships between staff and students—including between students themselves—our pastoral care systems, external safeguarding reviews, student voice initiatives, and other factors to encourage and maintain safeguarding at our school.

Students are aware of the AIA counsellor hotline to be used in cases of emergencies, as well as outside agencies for child protection. During our regular well-being sessions, we remind students about their safety circles and the resources available to them for safeguarding themselves both at school and within the wider community.


Is the school safe for students?

We place a strong emphasis on safety at our school. This can be seen in the Early Years section, which is cordoned off to provide a secure environment for younger students. The main school section consists of spacious and well-equipped classrooms with healthy lighting, with the school itself being constructed to meet the individual needs of students throughout their learning journey. The best schools in Dubai are effectively equipped with security equipment for student safety. At the Ambassador International Academy, we have CCTV cameras installed in all classrooms, and corridors within the building and outdoor areas.


Does the school have pastoral care and a housing system?

Schools in Dubai often offer a housing system and pastoral care for students. With so many students having older siblings that finish school at a later time of day, our pastoral care system ensures that students are able to travel home together with their older siblings after being taken care of on the school premises.


The Ambassador International Academy also has a housing system as part of our pastoral framework. Our students are assigned to one of the four houses, namely the Nightingales, Ravens, Hawks, and Weavers. Our students will compete at school events within their assigned houses, staying within the same house as their siblings (should they have any) from the day they join. We utilise a system to provide our students with positive feedback for their efforts made, which correlates with the house points. We motivate our students to earn more points to boost their overall house points.

Our house system is how we nurture a sense of school community and belonging, encouraging healthy competition, socialising, and teamwork with other students and staff. Likewise, academic staff are also assigned to a particular house. House points are awarded within the classroom for exceptional behaviour and schoolwork, with students being able to enjoy sports, music and other competitions throughout the year. A cup is then awarded to the House with the most points accumulated at the end of each academic year. Schools in Dubai can encourage holistic learning and development in these ways.


The Ambassador International Academy is an award-winning school. Based in Dubai, we are passionate about helping students grow in every aspect of their schooling, individual qualities, and within society itself.

Visit our website to gain more insight into how we can nurture your child to become a knowledgeable and independent thinker.

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