International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme Benefits

March 24, 2021

With over 5 000 schools across the world deciding to teach and implement the International Baccalaureate programme, it goes without saying that the framework for the IB programme is both effective and proven. Available in 3 different languages, the IB programme was developed to build the critical thinking and problem-solving skills of students while nurturing the way that they think, ask questions and find answers. We discuss the wide array of benefits that the IB programme has for students, teachers, schools and universities below.

The benefits of the IB programme for schools

Schools that are looking to become an IB World School will need to undergo an authorisation process before establishment. Becoming an IB World School comes with a plethora of benefits that become accessible. Schools can gain access to high-quality educational programmes that aid the development of students who are inquiring and knowledgeable. Teachers also benefit from the professional development opportunities and are able to collaborate with professional learning communities.

More specific benefits are highlighted below:

  • IB schools can look forward to high-performing students, with research suggesting that students in the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and Middle Years Programme (MYP) perform better than non-IB students.
  • Extensive professional development opportunities are offered by the IB for staff involved in the IB programme, with online learning and face-to-face opportunities available almost daily.
  • Programme support is available to all IB World Schools, thanks to the global community and varied opportunities for the sharing of knowledge and information.

The benefits of the IB programme for teachers

IB teachers can gain exclusive access to a host of perks, including esteemed professional development opportunities that support and encourage self-reflection, critical thinking and a quest for lifelong learning and personal development. What’s more, teachers can look forward to diverse teaching frameworks, teaching resources, unit planners, and evaluation tools. Degree and certification programmes from accredited and acclaimed universities worldwide are also available to IB teachers.

Here are more highlights:

  • Quality professional development is accessible to teachers, because the IB programme views teachers as an integral part of the overall success of the professional learning community. Professional development opportunities include blended learning, online workshops, and face-to-face workshops.
  • The ability to deliver powerful learning experiences becomes a reality for IB teachers. The four IB education programmes enable an educational experience that engages teachers and students critically, stimulates one’s intellectual ability, and inspires and elevates on an individual level.
  • Earn degrees and certifications that are recognised by universities around the world. The International Baccalaureate programme has partnered with various prestigious universities on a global scale in order to avail IB certificates in leadership, as well as for teaching and learning itself. The 4 certificates include a Certificate in Teaching and Learning, and a Certificate in Leadership Practice, as well as advanced certificates in Teaching and Learning Research, and Leadership Research.

The benefits of the IB programme for students

Students in the IB programme have the opportunity to experience a diverse, competitive and authentic education. Students that take up the programme become more culturally conscious through second language development while being able to engage with others in a world that is fast-paced and ever-changing. More importantly, students are encouraged to think critically, solve compound problems and be an active participant in their own learning process, all the while being fully immersed in educational programmes that can help progress their learning journeys to enter into some of the most esteemed universities around the world.

Additional to the above-mentioned benefits, IB students have been known to perform better due to the development of their social and emotional intelligence. Students in the IB programme are also more likely to perform better than students on other curricula.

You can learn more about the key findings from IB research here.

The benefits of the IB programme for universities

Universities and colleges that decide to recruit students in the IB programme can also benefit in a variety of ways. IB programmes are aimed at developing the skills and knowledge of students that is so often required when entering into and succeeding at a tertiary education.

Due to the time spent in IB programmes, students are able to develop their academic and critical thinking skills, develop an international perspective, acquire a sense of community engagement, and fine-tune their time management and self-motivation skills. It is these qualities and skills that will see an IB student more like to complete an undergraduate degree and be more engaged in their university life.

The IB programme is undeniably beneficial to various institutions and individuals, ranging from schools and universities to teachers and students. From personal to professional growth, its framework offers immense opportunities for development in individuals and societies as a whole.

The Ambassador International Academy is well-versed in the IB programme. As an authorised PYP school, we have won various awards for our dedication to developing students’ abilities and skills in a way that prepares them for the world of work and beyond. Visit our website to find out more on our approach to British education standards in combination with the IB framework.


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