How Parents Can Provide Distance Learning Support for Children

July 29, 2021

Many parents have grappled with the sudden shift to distance learning with the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. While many primary schools in Dubai such as the Ambassador International Academy have provided ample support to parents that help to drive student success, there are many ways that parents can provide further assistance when helping their child succeed academically from home. We look at the different ways in which parents can provide distance learning support for children below.

Build a routine at home

Just like adults, children need a routine to get into a functional rhythm of studying and doing school tasks. The Ambassador International Academy is one of the primary schools in Dubai that offers students a great opportunity to get settled into a daily school routine, with timetables for daily learning activities being implemented. Parents can either follow the study subject timetables or create their own routine for a personalised approach that accommodates both the child and the parent.

Consider a tutor for certain subjects
Whether you are not skilled in a certain area or your child needs additional face-to-face learning support, hiring a tutor is a great alternative to struggling with subjects that either you or your child do not understand.

Be patient with your child
Teaching is a skill that requires time and patience with learners of all ages. While your child might excel in certain subject areas, they may need more time to process new concepts and information in others. Take the time to allow your child to understand what they are expected to do in a certain task, and make it known that they can ask questions when they struggle with certain concepts.

Ensure a balanced diet

Packing a balanced meal for your child’s school day can suddenly be seen as an easier task than monitoring lunchtimes and meals at home. Ensure your child enjoys a healthy breakfast, snack and lunch throughout the day so he or she can remain fueled up for the rest of the “school” day.

Identify a dedicated space for learning
It is important that your child has a dedicated area to learn and study. Choose an area in your home with your child and help them personalise the space to make sure it is comfortable and quiet enough for them to study and focus on tasks, assignments, and other school-related activities.

Get to know the school/teaching expectations

To achieve a goal, it’s important to understand the expectations that have been mapped out for your child’s learning journey. Reach out to your child’s teacher if there are any queries or concerns pertaining to your child’s schoolwork and objectives. It also helps to have expectations of your own. Many parents provide distance learning while remote working themselves, so be sure to establish boundaries for yourself and your child while learning at home.

Allow for regular breaks

Just like at school, children will require regular breaks in between tasks to ensure they don’t lose focus or become overwhelmed with schoolwork. Allow your child to take short breaks in between the next task, and implement an at-home “lunch break” where your child gets to enjoy playing in the garden or other activities to relieve stress.

Display your child’s work at home

If your child has written a story or created a drawing, dedicate a corner or specific area where they can display their work with pride. Children need to feel that their work is recognised and be proud of the level of execution they have put into a project or activity.

Praise your child

When your child has done a good job or provided the correct answer to a mathematical question, be sure to give them a “high-five” or say something encouraging that lets them know they are doing an excellent job. If you would like to offer incentives for particular tasks, feel free to do that too.

Implement humour and icebreakers

Children love humour because it makes learning fun and exciting. Many teachers at primary schools in Dubai use icebreakers to engage students, making them ideal for an interactive lesson or activity taught from home.

The Ambassador International Academy is one of the most recognised primary schools in Dubai that offers excellent support to both students and parents who would like to learn more about optimising the ways their child learns in various environments.

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