Cost of an IB Education in Dubai

March 30, 2020

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a self-motivated, enquiry-led programme that focusses on building critical thinkers. As an academic system, it is structured to let students guide their learning by asking the right questions, and in taking a more holistic, world-oriented approach to academia. Students are not tested on their ability to memorise facts, but rather on the understanding and application of those theories to real-life problems. 

Currently, the cost of an IB education in Dubai is approximated at Dh 52,800 for kindergarten and Dh 65,000 for primary school, in comparison to a weighted average fee of Dh 37,000 for the UK (English National Curriculum) schools and Dh 29,500 for American (K12) schools. 

Growing popularity of IB Education

With the advantage of being accepted globally, the International Baccalaureate (IB) is the fastest-growing curriculum in the UAE.  For a large expatriate population, an IB certification gives children immediate accessibility to similar schools and universities all over the world. No matter where a child sits their IB exams, the results mean the same thing and are instantly understood by admission offices. 

More expensive?

There is almost universal acknowledgement, both from students and admission’s officers, that the IB system is a more rigorous programme that better prepares kids for academic learning,  universities and professional lives. However, the academic system is generally seen to be a more expensive option than its British (A-Level), American (K12) and Indian curriculum counterparts. 

One of the factors that may make the IB programme more expensive is the investment put into extensive teacher training. The programme also offers a wider range of more diverse subjects. The IB stream and IB Diploma Programmes train students for adaptability, strength of character, self-motivation and critical thinking, where its extensive curriculum demands more from all involved – teachers and students. 

Cost of an IB education in Dubai

Education in the UAE is generally perceived to be more expensive in comparison to other expat hotspots. Additionally, any school with a ‘good’ and above KHDA rating can command higher fees. 

Though the cost of an IB curriculum school may be higher on average, the results certainly speak for themselves. On average, UAE students are surpassing global standards in IB, making the system even more popular with parents. With an estimated 48 IB schools in the UAE as of September 2019, increasing numbers of parents are opting for the programme as it prepares students to transition easily into other schools, and later into university. Of these, there are 10 ‘pure’ IB schools (one with a KHDA ‘outstanding’ rating, one with a ‘very good’ rating, and 8 with ‘good ratings’ – (2019 figures)). 

Ambassador International Academy (AIA)

Ambassador International Academy has sought to make the IB curriculum more affordable with average fees starting at Dh 30,400 for kindergarten students. This saves AIA parents an estimated Dh 22,500 at the kindergarten level and an estimated Dh 28,500 at the primary level, whilst still offering the best in academics and facilities. 

Making the UK-IB programme an accessible and affordable option for parents, whilst never compromising on the quality of education, Ambassador schools in Dubai have ‘good’ or ‘very good’ KHDA rating and skilled teachers with years of IB teaching experience.

To find out more about how the AIA offers the best in UK-IB education with sensible fees, book a tour of our campus, email or call +971 4 5806999.

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