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March 30, 2020

Ambassador International Academy uses traditional and modern methods to teach students

Ambassador International Academy is an international school offering both the IGCSE and IB curricula. The IB curriculum, in particular, has a strong focus on blended learning, featuring both essential traditional and modern methods of education.  

Blended learning teaches students to put theories to the test by innovative implementation. The school utilizes media aids that help to understand the coursework and lead to better retention and assimilation. 

State-of-the-art Classrooms with Expert Teachers

Since the IB curriculum primarily requires blended learning, Ambassador International Academy consists of state-of-the-art classrooms with innovative tools and technologies that help in long term retention. 

There is a strong practical component embedded in the pedagogy that is taught by highly trained and skilled teachers. Traditional lectures are modernized by the inclusion of a strong digital module, making the curriculum relevant to the careers of the future. 

Blending Learning: An Emphasis on How to Learn

By the time students graduate, the education of today may be considered obsolete in the world of tomorrow. That’s why students at Ambassador International Academy explore blended learning to understand how to learn instead of what to learn. Blended learning encourages self-study through instructional videos and other online resources prepared by their teachers. 

This helps a student educate themselves, especially for the future where self-study will be crucial. It also results in a very self-paced mode of studying, instead of a teacher dictating when a student must start or stop. Students are encouraged to take charge of their learning while teachers give crucial guidance. The objective is to learn the most in a day without compromising on quality, retention and application. 

A Digital Curriculum 

As blended learning focuses on a digital curriculum, students become familiar with using different kinds of technology at a young age. Exposing students to such technology also ensures that students remain flexible and well-adapted to the rapidly changing advancements that the world is currently facing. This highly sought-after style of learning equips students with transferrable skills, positioning them as an asset within various industries. 

A Focus on Collaboration

Ambassador International Academy also encourages collaborative work between students, which is a key feature of blended learning. Instead of students studying in isolation, they are encouraged to brainstorm solutions in a group setting. Additionally, students often use visual, audio, kinesthetic and linguistic aids, along with logic and numerical reasoning, to understand new and existing concepts. 

Ambassador International Academy recognizes that blended learning is much-needed for today’s students, irrespective of the curriculum they choose to follow. It, therefore, continues to develop and stay abreast with latest technological innovations that can be used in education. 

To find out more about how an IB education with blended learning can benefit your child, book a call with our Principal Mr James Lynch.

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